Turnstiles - AA30TRN Elite Turnstile

This stylish 2 or 3* arm version of the Elite turnstile is motorised for higher throughput and has a near silent operation and enables automatic free passage in an emergency situation (*3 arm does not allow for free passage in an emergency) as well as enabling up to 25% more pedestrian throughput than traditional turnstiles. Providing superlative indoor admission and entrance control the Elite Ultra also features low energy consumption and a virtually maintenance-free mechanism. It has been designed to reduce the number of barriers and readers traditionally required for environments that experience high volumes of pedestrian traffic significantly reducing the overall space requirements, installation investment and on-going operational costs. Free and unhindered exit in an emergency situation with 2 arm not the 3 arm. Fully motor driven system. Photocell ‘eye’ enables automatic rotation. Intelligent speed control. Near silent operation. Controlled by virtually any access control system. Allows for ‘hands free’ operation.