Road Blockers - AA50BLO 5m Road Blocker - 340mm lift

The AA50BLO Rising Kerb Barrier is essentially a hinged barrier rising above the road surface to prevent unauthorised access. We manufacture all sizes from 2m up to 5m but can double up to 12m wide. We also offer a single kerb with the attack face on both sides if required. Our 3-phase motor driven hydraulic power pack, which is mounted within the control cabinet, provides motive power for raising and lowering action.The Kerb is fitted with raise and lower proximity switches which cable back to the control with the hydraulic hoses. As all sites vary, the kerbs are controlled via a programmable logic controller, which means it's compatible with all types of access control and can be operated to the customer's exact specification. Specifications: Construction - All welded Steel RHS Cover Plates - 8mm ‘Durba’ plates Drive Remote - Hydraulic power pack Power supply - 230v supply(inverter driven for 3-phase motor output) Sizes - 2m - 5m Single kerbs Control System - Siemens PLC and Inverter Hand operation - Lowering as standard with Manual release handle. Motor - 0.75KW - 1.1KW Operating time - 1.2 Seconds - 8 Seconds Lifting height - 340mm - 800mm Max axle load -12 tonne.