Solar Range - On Gate Solar Kit

For single leaf swing gates up to 3 metres in length, max weight 350kg's.  Readi-Kit with gate arms will provide the highest force of all the motors as they clamp onto the gate further away from the hinge point which gives greater leverage and therefore can cope with stronger forces applied such as windy conditions. Totally self contained system for gates where no mains power is available or not desirable and key fob operation only is required. Your solar panel needs to be mounted facing south with no shadows cast upon it between south-east and south-west.

For access control let us know how often your gate/s will be used during the shortest days of winter and what access control you require and we will calculate the size of the solar panel, battery and enclosure necessary for your bespoke system. All access control systems can be easily plugged into our solar control board including push buttons, key pads, underground loops, intercoms, etc. This solar system will operate your gate for up to 10 days without any charge to the battery helping to ensure no interruption even through the short dark nights of a UK winter. Key to override manually.