Turnstiles - Rotogate Turnstile SI

The Rotogate SI provides a very prestigious yet secure access control solution that is suitable in 'front of house' locations. This attractive, robust unit incorporates all of the working mechanisms neatly within the gate column making it compact and user friendly. The Rotogate SI provides secure closure for passageways and is well suited for check points where high security and attractive design are both equally important. Designed specifically to provide access for all it has the added benefit of being fully DDA compliant as it offers full access to disabled users. The Rotogate SI will provide additional access whilst the stainless steel finish means that it will compliment the design of the main installation.

Our Rotogate is packed with many features that make access control more integrated and less obtrusive. It has the flexibility to be integrated with a variety of control systems from a simple manually operated push button to more sophisticated fully automatic active infra-red, overhead sensors or autosensor devices - see our information on control mechanisms for further information. Connection to a customer's own bespoke control system, e.g. fire alarm, computer system, etc. comes as standard. Another great feature of the Rotogate is that it will automatically reset from the breakout position within 3 seconds (the breakout force required can be varied between 60-120 newton metres to suit environments) and has in-built intelligent software that activates a ‘sleep mode' if it cannot perform a function after 3 failed attempts. Our product complies with the code of practice for "safety at powered doors for pedestrian use" BS7036.

The Rotogate is available in single left and right hand opening modes or double interconnecting units.Control possibilities are:- ● Front Sensor Options: Single front photocell eye. Double front photocell eye autosensor. Overhead sensor standard and optional features: ● Design (1000mm full depth) Can be set to open at either +/- 90° or customised to suit 3rpm motor as standard which fully opens the glass arm gate in 8 seconds. Gate arm driving torque is limited to just 8Nm - (9.81N = 1Kg force).