Solar Range

Solar Powered Motor

Our underground solar powered motors are a great favourite with our more discerning customers wishing to obtain an excellent level of discretion. The motors are cemented under the hanging end of the gate at ground level. The motors are suitable for solid gates up to 2 metres or for wrought iron or 5 bar gates up to 4 metres.  We always ensure that safety is uppermost when considering which automation kit is best for your individual requirements; ask o

On Gate Solar Kit

For single leaf swing gates up to 3 metres in length, max weight 350kg's.  Readi-Kit with gate arms will provide the highest force of all the motors as they clamp onto the gate further away from the hinge point which gives greater leverage and therefore can cope with stronger forces applied such as windy conditions. Totally self contained system for gates where no mains power is available or not desirable and key fob operation only is required. Your so

Under Gate Solar Kit

Our solar powered kits are virtually hidden from view once installed and are therefore the most common type of motors for domestic gates. The motors are placed just below the surface of the ground and set in concrete. Whilst this does increase the installation cost it provides a very discrete gate automation kit.

Solar Powered Control Units

Model:B5601 This new solar control board can be used to power CAME, FAAC, BFT, Tau, GR, Beninca and many other 12v or 24v actuators / motors, making them all suitable for solar power operation. Just one type of board can be used to operate virtually all 12v & 24v DC vehicle access systems, whether it is a sliding gate, swing gate, traffic barrier or underground motors, the CM65 will operate them all whilst enabling solar conversion if required. The boa